The Cockpit Theatre

20 July 11am-6pm


Move Yo Body, Make Some Art

An interactive session for actors who want to devise

Led by bad-ass theatre maker, Romina Sehlanec, this workshop is a free, one-day event which combines physical training with games, writing and exercises and partner work to create new material. Using tools inspired by practitioners from around the world, we first establish a common vocabulary for the group. Then, we will explore space, physical scores and storytelling concepts in order to devise our own material.

Romina Sehlanec is a PhD researcher at the National University for Theatre and Film Bucharest whose actor training practice centres around triggering the actor's creative impulse through physicality. She works as an actor and educator in Romania and throughout Europe. In addition to her one woman show, Isolde's Dream, she, along with a team of actors have written and acted in a new tv series which will be announced in late 2017.

Ongoing education projects include UNATC Junior, a drama program for children with disabilities and learning challenges. Additionally, Romina is proud to be part of a cross-continental group leading a study on the effect of theatre as a therapy for trauma victims.

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Photos: Paul Tatcu

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