Born out of a desire to tell the stories of people stuck in jobs that stifle aspirations, Day Job is a fast-paced and surreal comedy.


Nightmare managers and daydreamer employees fight over a person's freedom to choose how they spend their time-- and, consequently, their life-- in this hilarious, new devised piece inspired by the real experiences of the performers.



        Devised by Fanny Pack Theatre

        Initial Run Written and Directed by: Evi Stamatiou      

        Cast: Maria Alexe

                  Rachel Scurlock 

                  Clare Joy Langford

                  Stephanie Merulla

        Set and Costume Design by: Ming Lu Wang

        Music Composed by: Dozen Draft


Day Job is Fanny Pack Theatre's first main stage production.

Day Job

"Don't judge a woman by her Day Job."

Bread and Roses Theatre

6-10th December


Tickets £12 standard, £10 concessions


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The Blog of Theatre Things

"Fanny Pack Theatre created a beautiful, detailed, funny yet tragic, dark but bright stylised piece of theatre for all ages that invites the audience to engage, learn, think, feel and laugh."

London Pub Theatres

"a first rate show that had me laughing and was thoroughly entertaining from the start."
"a great combination of actors. They were four very different in appearance, movement, and accents, but slotted together like a finely cut jigsaw to complete a whole picture and present a wonderful demonstration of the variety of people in the world."

London Theatre 1

"it is the cast that deserve the highest praises. Switching from role to role in a matter of seconds, handling pathos and comedy with a clear aptitude, this quartet of actress prove that they’re a force to be reckoned with."
"Day Job is an entertaining night out held together by four very talented young women."

The Blog of Theatre Things

"distinctly feminine energy and insight..."
"For all the serious issues the play raises, Day Job manages to strike a dark comic tone that’s a natural fit for the play."

Female Arts

"fantastic and the humour often slapstick."

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